One family,
Three generations

Paul-Tech launched its service in 2019, following a lengthy research and development process conducted by Paul Plakk and Tiit Plakk, grandfather and father of the company CEO, Mikk Plakk.

Paul-Tech co-founders Eve Plakk, Tiit Plakk, Mikk Plakk, and Anu Einberg.

Who is Paul-Tech?

We are a family business with a mission to improve the lives of farmers, agronomists and our planet world-wide.

Three generations of scientific research, farming and construction experience that accumulated into our top-of-the-line in-field soil sensors.

CEO Mikk Plakk’s engineering grandfather Paul Plakk did the initial scientific research up was followed through and brought to fruition by Mikk’s father Tiit Plakk. Mikk’s wife Eve, coming from a farming background could see the use of the scientific solution in an agricultural setting, and like a match made in heaven, Paul-Tech’s platform was born.

Our goal is to elevate current technology from its limited state of monitoring, and bring better reports and science into it. Today, Paul-tech soil sensors can measure everything from  levels in soil, to plant nutrient values and moisture content, as well as understanding when plants are unable to benefit from added water content and chemicals.

Giving the soil a voice

Our mission is to give the soil a voice is about more than just growing healthier crops and greater yields, it’s about reducing your waste and letting you make decisions when they matter most.

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