Use your field’s data
to save money

Whether you’re a large-scale farmer, water hoarding agronomist or casual harvester,
you’ll know exactly what your plants need when they need it.

Hi-tech doesn’t have to mean complicated

Paul-Tech’s in-field soil sensors take the guesswork out of farming, and don’t add any complexity — engineered from over 30 years of scientific research and designed with the user in mind.

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Priceless data from the ground up

Your new Paul-Tech soil station knows it all, including your field’s soil nutrient levels and soil-water — the available moisture content under the surface and real-time reports on when your plants can and can’t use water.

From the Ground

Valuable insights in real-time to analyse what your plants can benefit from and what they can’t, as well the future of your crop and field’s health.

Soil nutrients: Accurate soil nutrient levels coupled alongside detailed recommendations on fertiliser usage and how your crops are using them

Active hydration: Save water for when you need it most by understanding your plant’s intake abilities and when they’re not benefitting from additional nutrients and hydration

From the Air

Humidity, air temperature and weather forecasting that help you understand your local hot-spots and plan ahead

In-field weather reports that detail how current and historic patterns have and will affect your fields

Close-to-ground and in-air humidity reports help you analyse, predict and prevent plant disease spread

From the Cloud

Historic and real-time reports and maps that show your field’s weak and strong zones, with detailed analyses of soil nutrients and moisture content

NDVI satellite reports let you farm with absolute precision across all your fields.

Each Paul-Tech soil station securely saves your farm’s data and provides all your reports and maps on a single device. You’ll receive recommendations from Paul-Tech based on this proprietary data through every step of your journey

Smart installations leads to even smarter suggestions

Before a station is installed, 100-200 measurements are taken of each field to determine the best placement for each unit. The first sensor is buried at 8cm and the second placed between 16-25cm deep depending on the crop needs.

Paul-Tech soil stations run themselves and provide zero disturbance to surrounding land and plants.

Reports and suggestions before the rooster crows

It’s 06:00 and Paul-Tech has just sent your daily report, littered with useful nutrient levels, your soil water and moisture data, air temp and humidity readings…

With over 35 unique suggestions to complement these reports, you’ll know exactly what your fields need from the first sip of morning tea to sunset — discover where and why plants are stressed, parcels of land that need a little adjustment to irrigation, and so on.

A simple solution to your heirloom journey

Starting your journey with Paul-Tech brings our passionate team right into the soil of your fields, and our team is there to support you from booking a demo, to installation and beyond.


Book a free demo with us

A no-hassle and no-obligation step to see how PT soil sensors can be easily installed and maintained in your fields to provide you with real-time data all year long


We’ll help install your stations

Our team will analyse your individual farm’s needs, show where sensors will be best outfitted in your fields for maximum understanding, and guide you through using the app, data and maps.


We’ll monitor your fields with you

You’ll receive daily information to understand how your field’s soil nutrients, moisture content, chemical use (herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, fertiliser) and temperature are doing, as well as weather reports and both near-ground and above ground humidity.


You’ll spend less and grow more

With real-time reports and personalised recommendations on chemical, nutrient and water usage delivered straight to your phone or computer, you’ll be able to start making data-backed decisions immediately.

Book a free demo,
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Book your no-hassle, no-obligation demo today and start your journey to a healthier farm in minutes. Your fields, your plants and your wallet will thank you for years to come.

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