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Aaspere increases crop yields by 10% with Paul-Tech

Aaspere Agro OÜ is an arable grower in Estonia, managing over 4,000 hectares of cereals, oilseeds and grasslands

Increased profit from yields
300 Hectares
Size of arable land usage
+1.5 Tonnes
Yield increase in fields

Aaspere Agro OÜ is an arable grower in Estonia, managing over 4,000 hectares of cereals, oilseeds and grasslands. Problematic dry zones and frosty nights were resulting in weaker yields, a problem they turned towards Paul-Tech to help them solve.

Cereals, oilseeds & grassland

🌐 Estonia

🎯 Reduce water usage, fertiliser use, and costs

“[With Paul-Tech] I avoided the damage caused by spraying winter barley and was able to avoid crop loss”

Andre – Owner of Aaspere Agro OÜ


Aaspere Agro OÜ is renowned for its extensive cultivation of cereals, oilseeds and grasslands across Estonia. With a deep commitment to sustainability and efficiency, the company has continuously explored methods to improve productivity while reducing environmental impact. The adoption of Paul-Tech data analytics marked a pivotal shift in their approach to precision agriculture.

The primary challenge Aaspere Agro OÜ faced was the optimisation of plant protection measures under varying climate conditions. Traditional practices often led to unnecessary applications, especially during periods of dry stress and night frost, which increased costs and potentially harmed crops. Aaspere Agro sought after a solution that could tailor plant protection strategies to the specific needs of their crops, taking into account the intricate balance of weather conditions and soil health.


Paul-Tech’s advanced data analytics offered the perfect solution to Aaspere Agro OÜ’s challenges. By integrating real-time data on soil moisture levels, temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors, Paul-Tech provided actionable insights that enabled precise decision-making regarding plant protection.

Paul-Tech in-field soil stations were able to evaluate and provide:

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Aaspere Agro OÜ utilised Paul-Tech’s analytics to identify optimal times for plant protection, avoiding periods of dry stress and night frost when such measures would be ineffective or damaging;
  • Precision Agriculture: The technology allowed for targeted interventions, reducing the overall use of chemicals and thereby lowering costs and environmental impact;
  • Yield Monitoring: Paul-Tech’s tools also facilitated close monitoring of crop yield across different fields, enabling Aaspere Agro OÜ to adjust practices in real-time based on actual performance data.


The implementation of Paul-Tech data analytics led to significant improvements in Aaspere Agro OÜ’s agricultural productivity. Chiefly, an increase in yield of +1.5 tonnes per hectare in a particular field of 300 hectares. The total value from this gain was valued at €100,000. 

Aaspere also reduced their inputs across multiple fields, and the decrease in unnecessary plant protection through adverse conditions effectively reduced input costs — a more sustainable farming operation exists today because of this.Aaspere Agro now enjoys enhanced efficiency through precision agricultural practices, enabled by Paul-Tech. Optimised resource allocation ensures that inputs are only used when and where they are needed.

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