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How Aru PM OÜ reduced fertiliser costs by €56K with Paul-Tech

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4,000 Hectares
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Aru PM OÜ is a prominent arable grower in Estonia, managing over 4,000 hectares of cereals and oilseed. They needed to reduce their fertiliser usage without harming crops – with Paul-Tech, Aru PM dramatically cut their input costs 

Cereals & oilseeds

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“Paul-Tech data confirmed that we have enough nutrients left in the soil after harvesting, and before planting a new crop.”

Jakob Lindam – Owner of Aru PM OÜ


Aru PM OÜ oversees the cultivation of over 4000 hectares of cereals and oilseeds. Faced with the challenge of optimising input costs without compromising crop health or yield, Aru PM needed to turn towards powerful data analytics that could bring real-time info to their fingertips.

The farm’s dedication to environmental practices was an additional key factor in determining the best solution for fertiliser reduction – staying green without losing green.

The primary challenge Aru PM faced was the efficient management of fertiliser application. Traditional methods often led to over-fertilization, as it was difficult to accurately assess the nutrient needs of crops at different stages of growth. This not only inflated costs but also increased the risk of environmental damage. The company needed a way to make more informed decisions about when and how much fertiliser to apply.


Paul-Tech’s data analytics platform provided the solution Aru PM OÜ was looking for. By monitoring soil nutrient levels throughout the growing season in real-time, Paul-Tech soil stations brought valuable insights into the actual nutrient requirements of Aru PM’s crops at different stages.

Paul-Tech in-field soil stations were able to evaluate and provide:

  • Real-Time Soil Nutrient Monitoring: Aru PM OÜ leveraged Paul-Tech’s technology to continuously monitor soil nutrient levels, comparing Spring nutrient numbers with those at harvest time;
  • Data-Driven Fertilisation: The insights gained from Paul-Tech’s data analytics allowed Aru PM OÜ to identify when residual nutrients in the soil were sufficient for the growth of winter crops, enabling them to forgo additional fertiliser application during sowing;
  • Optimised Input Use: By adjusting fertiliser application based on actual soil nutrient data, Aru PM OÜ optimised their use of inputs, significantly reducing unnecessary fertiliser use and costs.


The adoption of Paul-Tech’s data analytics through soil stations led to substantial cost savings and environmental benefits for Aru PM OÜ. All-in-all Aru PM saved €56,000 in fertiliser costs by eliminating unnecessary applications for their winter crops across their 4000-hectare operation.

By applying fertiliser judiciously across their 4000+ hectare operation, Aru PM also reduced the potential for nutrient runoff and environmental pollution, aligning with their commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Their new strategy for nutrient management enhanced the overall efficiency of their nutrient management, and ensured crops receive optimal nourishment all season long.

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