Estonian agricultural startup Paul-Tech expands to the Lithuanian market


Photo: Paul-Tech

Estonian start-up Paul-Tech, which specializes in precision farming, started a pilot project in Lithuania. The company is expanding its business area in addition to markets in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

“We started cooperation with one of the leading sellers of agricultural inputs in Lithuania, Agrokoncernas. Initially, we operate in a pilot period to assess the suitability of our product in their product range,” explained Mikk Plakk, CEO of Paul-Tech.

Agrokoncernas Group is one of the largest partners of Lithuanian farmers in the field of agrochemical services, sale of agricultural products, sale of agricultural machinery and technical services. One of the main goals of the Agrokoncernas group is to research, develop and offer effective plant growing technological solutions to Lithuanian farmers.

According to the CEO of Paul-Tech, the company installed a total of four soil stations in Lithuania in February of this year. “We installed two stations near the group’s head office and two stations on the lands of Future Farm, an agricultural company belonging to the group, where all new technologies that can be found on the market are tested,” Plakk clarified.

Paul-Tech has more than 120 customers in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. At the beginning of the year, the company also entered the UK market. “We are looking forward to what this season will bring. Our goal is to help Lithuanian farmers optimize their inputs and achieve better results,” said Plakk.

Paul-Tech is a science-based agriculture platform that enables farmers to make more accurate daily decisions thanks to real-time soil data. The company uses soil sensors developed through generations of research to measure the effectiveness of fertilizers in the soil and provide farmers with insight into various processes in the soil. The company’s main selling point is saving money through more accurate fertilizer need assessment and doing the right jobs in the right conditions.

The company was founded in 2019 by Mikk Plakk, Tiit Plakk, Eve Plakk and Anu Einberg.

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