Real-time agricultural insights with Paul-Tech Soil Station

  • Get real-time overview of your soils nutrient level
  • Save time and increase yield by making more precise decisions about field activities
  • Real-time yield expectations for more accurate estimations
  • Our measurement system is based on scientific research over 30 years
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Paul-Tech offers a solution for monitoring real-time your fields fertilizer level and soil workability. With our probes and web application you can save time by making better decisions based on the live data on our web application. Instead of wasting time to check all your fields individually by driving you can see all the necessary data in our website. Just log in and see the condition of fields and know in a moment what is your next activity on the field.

How it works?

Our product consists of electronic probes installed into the soil and uploading data to our servers. Data is linked with your fields and probes on them, is viewable live on our map view, or you can check fields history and soil properties time charts.With our data you can see:

  • Soil moisture content
  • Soil nutrient level, movement and leaching
  • Soil water availability to plants from drought to excessive moisture
  • Estimate bearing capacity of the fields
    • Real-time yield expectations
    • Soil temperature at different depths
    • Air temperature and RH on the field
    • Detect soil melted or frozen state in the winter

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